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Kaufman Family

In 2017, Letty Kaufman was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Letty is a natural giver and selfless person.  So, at the time, Letty found it difficult to share her diagnosis because she did not want people to worry about her.  She did tell her family about the cancerous lump and that she would undergo a new treatment which localized radiation therapy to the cancer.  The treatment was manageable and effective.  After treatment, she was given a clean bill of health.  During this time her daughter, Trinity, was a Junior kicker on the Varsity Perry High School Football Team.  Trinity’s claim to fame as a Puma football player is being the first female to successfully kick an extra point in the 2017 6A State Football Championship in Tucson, AZ.  Letty also has twin boys, Christian and Logan, who are currently Juniors at Perry High School.  Logan has been with the football program since his Freshman year and is currently a Varsity football player for the Pumas.

In July 2020, Letty’s mammogram revealed the cancer was back.  This time treatment options were limited.  Double mastectomy surgery was in order.  Surgery went well and she recovered quickly.  This time Letty took a different approach to her journey.  She chose to share her story and her family was thankful for this.  Her daughter and sister organized a get-well drive by for Letty.  The show of support by family, friends, neighbors and community was tremendous!  Her daughter posted on Twitter and said that there were people she had not seen or talked to in years!

Story courtesy of Trinity Kaufman

Pumas Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

The TD Club will be selling Breast Cancer Awareness gear (mandatory for all players) in our annual effort to support effected families. This year we will support the Kaufman and Williams families. The gear will be $20 and can be purchased outside of Coach Jones' office on Oct 12-13 (4:45 – 5:30am and 2:45 – 4:45pm). Payments by cash, check (made out to Perry High School TD Club, or Venmo "@PHSFB") are acceptable.

Williams Family

Barbara was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2006. After surgery and treatment, she began her journey to remission. Just prior to 5 years of no cancer, she was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer in 2010. At that time, there wasn’t a lot of treatment available for MBC, therefore she was given an approximate survival timeframe of 2 years. She fought every day! She refused to be down, or sad. Sometimes she would allow herself to be mad, but not for long.

When Jackson started his journey as a Puma, she was so incredibly excited! She did not miss a game and looked so forward to Friday nights! The family that Puma Nation provided for our family and for my mom was overwhelmingly supportive, and still is to this day!

Her favorite memory as a Puma fan/Grandma was making it on the jumbotron at the state championship game at ASU! She said it was better than making it on the jumbotron at a Cardinals game!!!

Barbara was incredibly positive and fought with every fiber of being to not only be alive but to really live!

Story courtesy of Noel Williams